Are good salespeople born or made?

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Posted By: garyc Posted In: News Date Posted: May 28th, 2012 Comments: 0

Google this subject and you will soon find yourself mired down in what is possibly one of the internet’s largest subjects. Just try entering “salesperson” into Google and see what happens. I’ve already done it for you – 24 million entries is the result.

So, back to our heading – are they born or made?

Simple answer this time – made.

No ifs or buts. You can’t train to be a good salesperson if you don’t possess the requisite attributes.

Just as importantly here, you can’t obtain a university degree in selling (I realise various institutions run sales training, but that’s another matter). Quite simply, a university can’t produce a salesperson in the same way they can produce an accountant or lawyer.

The reason is simple. Effective salespeople possess a number of attributes that equips them for success. Results from the StaffMatcher psychometric assessment shows that (among other skills) great salespeople are Proactive, Sociable and possess above average levels of ability to influence others. They are also Productive and Competitive individuals.

So you can’t manufacture a great salesperson from a university, but you can identify likely sales potential through an appropriate psychometric assessment.

Once these attributes have been identified, then you can train the individual to undertake the required sales activities and build a thorough understanding of the sales process.

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