Do résumés tell the truth?

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Posted By: garyc Posted In: News Date Posted: May 10th, 2012 Comments: 0

CBS News today talks about some high flying American CEO’s caught out for faking qualifications on their resume.

The article plays it down slightly by saying that your ability to lead doesn’t have a lot to do with your academic qualifications – and we’d agree on that point however the real issue for employers is that qualifications do have a bearing on performance for many job roles.

Just one example would be hiring a Brand Manager for an FMCG company.

Not actually having a marketing degree would be a central issue. They could still be reasonably effective in the role (particularly with a few years of actual work performance behind them) however if they’re required to dig deeper into the theory to perform your role, then they will almost certainly come up short.

Very simply, all employers should add to their recruitment checklist the sighting of qualifications before extending the job offer. Ask for originals and make your own photocopies. Putting all other issues aside, there’s a matter of honesty involved and lying about qualifications is a character flaw that will probably show itself in other areas of the person’s work.

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