Employer interviews – looking for body language faux pars (Tip 1)

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Posted By: garyc Posted In: News Date Posted: May 22nd, 2012 Comments: 0

All of our content is presented for employers and our blog is no different. This entry is a case in point.

When you’re interviewing, body language can be one of your best friends. As a recruiter I’ve always followed a strict interview process however body language still plays a part in my interviews. I’m not talking about the obvious moves of sitting forward in their chair to look engaged or proactive. Nor am I talking about the laid back candidate almost falling over backwards in their chair. After 12 years of interviews, I’m talking about the subtle things.

This is a big subject but a good place to start is with the disqualifiers. One of my personal favourites is the candidate who arrives with wallet, mobile phone and keys all in hand, then proceeds to dump them on top of the interview table. You just can’t be serious if you feel that a job interview can be taken that casually – or that you would be that informal about it.

It’s a classic case of where a body language cue is a fair indication of how the candidate approaches many things in life – including most likely, their job.

How many times does it happen? – not many, but I’ve had several cases. Look for it or similar moves that show a casual, not too fussed approach to things. If you’re starting with a possible score out of 10 for the interview, here’s two points you can deduct immediately.

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