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Posted By: garyc Posted In: News Date Posted: July 9th, 2012 Comments: 0

Here’s an instance where doing something small can go a long way to securing the right candidate.

Consider for a moment how you go about recruiting. How well structured is your process? Even if you’ve still got some way to go in creating a repeatable and effective recruitment process, the following is a simple idea that’s well worth implementing.

When you’re at the point of inviting a candidate in for interview, send them a confirmation email including a one-page document outlining your recruitment process. The document should include relevant contact details with a Google map of your office listing handy information (such as available parking, or directions to use public transport).

The backbone of this document should be a detailed explanation of your recruitment process. It should be as simple as listing those steps which you take as an organisation. An example is as follows:

1. First interview (conducted at our premises)

2. Psychometric testing (conducted on-line at your premises)

3. Reference checking (we require 3 referees mutually agreed upon)

4. Medical check (Clinic to be advised)

5. Police check and/or credit record

6. Second interview (location to be advised. Normally at our premises).

By preparing this simple document, your candidates will know what to expect. If they have any concerns (such as having a medical check or answering a psychometric assessment), they have the opportunity to discuss it with you.

For those employers that don’t properly announce their recruitment process (or worse still unveil it one step at a time), they can risk turning good candidates away.

Rarely has a candidate complained about the length of the process or the steps involved when it is outlined from the first point of contact. In fact, my experience is that they welcome it, and regard the employer as a professional outfit.


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