Phone screening – no excuse for a lack of focus

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Posted By: garyc Posted In: News Date Posted: May 25th, 2012 Comments: 0

As you wade through the numerous resume’s that flow from your advertised job vacancy, there comes that point when you latch onto an applicant that’s ticking most of the boxes for you – right qualifications, skills and a work history that tells you they can definitely “do the job”

Right at the beginning of your phone screening, quickly and succinctly describe the main points of your job advert. This would include the heading and any bullet points you might have written. If you placed your company name or logo on it, mention that as well.

Then ask and look for, a response that says your job advert is clearly front-of-mind, or that they recall it very clearly. I’m assuming that you’re calling them within 48 hours of receiving their application (in fact, you should be onto them sooner than that).

At this point, receiving a vague response or worse still, no recall of your advert, tells you a couple of things – first of all, they’re quite possibly employing a scattergun approach to their job search (sending out lots of applications in the hope of a call). In the worst case scenario, they’ve also got poor recall.

The major points to take from this are:

1. Your vacancy is just one of many they applied for. Their focus is possibly more about gaining employment for its own sake, rather than building a career at your business.

2. See point number 1.

Can this still work?

Sure it can. Don’t be too harsh but you should now scrutinize the remainder of their answers to your phone screening and ensure you’re truly satisfied with their responses.

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