Psychometric test – StaffMatcher® Free report

The benefits of using StaffMatcher®
  • Each Report is supplied with the StaffMatcher® Reference Check

  • Improved hiring decisions leading to improved business performance

  • Better person-job and person-team fit, potentially reducing staff turnover

  • Save time and money in the recruitment process with early identification of the best candidates.

What to do next?
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freereport Psychometric test   StaffMatcher® Free report

The free introduction to StaffMatcher®

Using the free report is the ideal introduction to the StaffMatcher® psychometric test and it can be upgraded at any time to the General Workforce report (also known as the Premium report).

The free report is a “Lite version” of the General Workforce report and provides the same content for nine of our twenty-six attributes. The free report uses the same candidate questionnaire so if you want to upgrade the report at a later date, there is no further involvement from your candidate.

The free report is issued from our simple enrolment page meaning there is no need to create an account.


The free report is available via the candidate enrolment page.

Key features
The following examples are taken from actual reports:

score6Hz Psychometric test   StaffMatcher® Free reportFinding a great candidate:

Time Management
“Good time management and self organisation depends on using tools such as planners, diaries etc. Responses indicate that John appreciates the need to use these tools and that prioritising tasks and meeting deadlines is something that John views as mandatory and not just desirable. When these factors come together, we find employees that are valued for their ability to “deliver output” on a consistent basis”

score1Hz Psychometric test   StaffMatcher® Free reportOr, protecting you from a hiring mistake:

Honesty & Trust
“John does not appear to regard honesty in the workplace as being of much importance. While this does not mean that John is necessarily a dishonest person, it suggests there could be issues in the way John relates to co-workers and there could also be a negative impact on parts of John’s work. Examples might include not always divulging the necessary and full information to others, embellishing details and possibly taking the view that telling small white lies is acceptable. Trustworthiness is also impacted when a person scores at this low end”

Features & benefits unique to the StaffMatcher® system
motivationDrive Psychometric test   StaffMatcher® Free reportCandidate Summary page

Our candidate summary page gives you essential information on how the candidate scored according to our 26 critical success attributes.

espindicator Psychometric test   StaffMatcher® Free reportEmployee Suitability & Potential™ Indicator

Not available in free version.

rriindicator1 Psychometric test   StaffMatcher® Free reportResponse Reliability Indicator™

Not available in free version.

cfiindicator Psychometric test   StaffMatcher® Free reportCultural Fit Indicator™

Not available in free version.

NOTE: Employee Suitability & Potential™, Cultural Fit Indicator™ & Response Reliability Indicator™ not available in free version unless upgraded to premium.

Free version report includes the following 9 attributes
& Drive
People & Service
Workplace &
Organisational Skills
 Not available in free version Not available in free version Time Management
Quality Awareness
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Time Management
Quality Awareness
Problem Solving
Decision Making

What StaffMatcher® measures

StaffMatcher® is a psychometric test that measures the attributes which determine on-the-job success.  These attributes cannot be measured by other techniques such as reading resume’s or interviewing. StaffMatcher® provides you with a clear, easy  to read candidate report, with all the information you need to hire with confidence.

When to use StaffMatcher®


StaffMatcher® is designed to be used at the recruitment and selection stage and ideally, straight after interviewing. It is ideal for testing your shortlist of candidates, and in conjunction with the  StaffMatcher® reference check document, provides you with deep candidate insights.

How to use StaffMatcher®


Simply enter your candidate’s details and email address into our test form , and they are instantly emailed a test link. Your candidate clicks on the test link, and upon completing the questionnaire,  their detailed report is automatically emailed to you. You can have their results in as little as 1 hour.