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Which Australian job posting sites work best?

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Posted By: garyc Posted In: News Date Posted: July 18th, 2012

New data is available which tells us that where you advertise your job vacancy is more important than ever in determining whether you will receive enough applications. So what’s changed and what do you need to know?


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Tips for phone screening your candidates

Posted By: garyc Posted In: News Date Posted: May 31st, 2012

When you’ve run that job advert and the resume’s start flowing in, it won’t be long before its time to pick up the phone and start contacting the better applicants.

Obviously, your main line of questioning is about determining if their skills, qualifications and work experience are a good fit to your vacancy. On top of that, here’s a few of my tips from having conducted probably 2,000 – 3,000 phone screenings.

1. It’s all about speed.

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Phone screening – no excuse for a lack of focus

Posted By: garyc Posted In: News Date Posted: May 25th, 2012

As you wade through the numerous resume’s that flow from your advertised job vacancy, there comes that point when you latch onto an applicant that’s ticking most of the boxes for you – right qualifications, skills and a work history that tells you they can definitely “do the job”

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Is it worth advertising your vacancy on social media?

Posted By: garyc Posted In: News Date Posted: May 21st, 2012

We all keep hearing about the power of advertising via social media but is it really effective? We’re not yet convinced, at least when it comes to the SME sector and other private ventures – ie: the non corporate sector.

Why? – Because first and foremost, there’s a notable lack of data available from the providers themselves and also from independent sources (regarding its effectiveness).

Social media sites such as LinkedIn are coming under scrutiny from advertisers because it transpires that visitors spend the least amount of time on LinkedIn. Turns out that member’s mostly just update their resumes’ and then log off – not much looking around happens so adverts don’t get noticed.

Of course active job seekers will search those adverts but it seems that the greatest beneficiaries are corporations who can dedicate time to networking with the view to identifying good talent.

So if you’re a non corporate entity we suggest continuing to advertise on seek, mycareer and careerone in Australia. At least until there’s some solid evidence that social media advertising is money well spent.