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“We highly recommend StaffMatcher®

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While I was sceptical at first at how much the testing could really tell us, we have been delighted with the results.
In one case, we were trying to decide between a number of junior candidates with very similar backgrounds. The testing confirmed for us that none of the candidates was quite the right fit for us.

We then tested a last minute candidate and knew immediately we had the one we wanted; the candidate has worked out exceptionally well (as the testing suggested would be the case). The testing has also been great in confirming our impressions from interviews and ensuring we are aware of the weaknesses (and strengths) of candidates so we can tailor how we manage new staff members. We highly recommend StaffMatcher. 

Kirsten Lynn, Senior Associate – MATTILA Lawyers.


“We have used all the major psychometric tests. StaffMatcher® provides the most relevant attributes for today’s workplace.”

glenn1 StaffMatcher® Testimonials

We recently interviewed several candidates for a position but felt there was more we needed to know before choosing. StaffMatcher® identified real shortcomings with a preferred candidate which reference checking subsequently confirmed. StaffMatcher® will be part of our recruitment process moving forward.
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Glenn Woolley, Managing Director – Intrinsic Investment Management Pty. Ltd.

“StaffMatcher is helping us employ more productive staff”

belinda1 StaffMatcher® Testimonials

Traditionally, we lost significant time and money training new staff (sales and operations), only to find they didn’t perform to expectations. StaffMatcher® is helping us employ more productive staff and it’s beginning to pay dividends for the business.
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Belinda Davies, National Sales Manager – Formplex Pty. Ltd.

“Without StaffMatcher®, we would have hired the wrong person”

nitto StaffMatcher® Testimonials

Our candidate’s were supplied by a recruitment agency, but we decided to use StaffMatcher® over and above their services. It prevented us from making two hiring errors and then pointed to the best candidate. This person has been hired and is performing very well in the role.
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Walter Bounds, Director – Nitto Denko Australia Pty. Ltd.

“The StaffMatcher sales report consistently uncovers important information about our preferred candidates.”

paulc StaffMatcher® Testimonials

Hiring effective salespeople has been the single greatest challenge for our business since first opening our doors 20 years ago. We now regard interviewing alone as a hit-and-miss affair. The StaffMatcher® sales report consistently uncovers important information about our preferred candidates.

Paul Cannizzaro, Managing Director – Designer Stone Solutions Pty. Ltd

“We produce high quality work for a demanding client base, so we need to recruit the best people available.”

ba StaffMatcher® Testimonials

We hire graduates to train as financial planners, which is a costly and long term comittment. Our internal standards are very high so we need to identify only those candidates with the skills and characteristics to succeed. StaffMatcher® delivers that for us. I place more faith in the StaffMatcher® report findings, than I do in either our interviewing, or the interviews conducted by our recruitment agency.

Kelvin Anderson, Managing Director – KAFS Pty. Ltd.