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Posted By: garyc Posted In: News Date Posted: May 30th, 2012 Comments: 0

I’m often asked – what’s the most important thing about writing an effective job advert?

One of the sad but undeniable truths about effective job adverts is that a competitive salary package will have to be announced in some way. You possibly don’t need to spell out the dollar amount but at the very least your advert will have to cover the subject.

Our own experience over the last decade showed that the same advert written both ways – ie: with and without listing the salary, demonstrated that the version with the salary always attracted more applicants.

But this story isn’t about money. It’s about your value proposition as an employer. You see, for most candidates money is a satisfaction issue, not a key driver. This means that they simply need the salary on offer to meet their needs. Once it’s done that, applying for one job versus another comes down to other, more intrinsic factors.

For the most part that’s about how they perceive your company in terms of attractiveness. Does it sound appealing? Does it sound like a business that’s going places? Can I build a career there?

How would you describe your company in those terms? If you’ve got a business that you’re proud of, spell it out. Spend some time on getting this right, and you might find your advert attracts not just a lot of applicants but more importantly, the right kind of applicants.

But a small word of warning. Your advert has to be an accurate reflection of your business. If it’s not, your star recruit may feel they’ve been deceived and the result of that may be disengagement with the associated expense of lost time, wasted training, and the direct cost of replicating the recruitment exercise.

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