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Posted By: admin Posted In: News Date Posted: February 27th, 2013 Comments: Comments Off

The latest upwards stock market performance of SEEK tells us what most savvy recruiters (in Australia) already know – social media is nowhere near being the top medium for employers wanting to find their next employee.

Australian employers surveyed recently (those actively employing staff) confirmed that while they would be increasing their advertising spend on social media sites, it will remain an adjunct to their candidate attraction strategy, not a replacement.

An inescapable truth is that active job seekers are more motivated than passive job seekers. Employers want to know that their candidate is motivated and seeing them apply to their job advert is a quick and reliable way to separate an active job seeker from a passive job seeker.

Do employers really want to compete against other employers and recruitment agencies for talent, or do they want to deal with candidates who are switched on to them as an employer? – candidates who have researched their company, their industry and are keen to join them?

Simple really, and while social media can help create new employer-job seeker connections, job advert boards are still king. At least for now… 

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