Why use Psychometric Testing?

The benefits of using StaffMatcher®
  • Each Report is supplied with the StaffMatcher® Reference Check

  • Improved hiring decisions leading to improved business performance

  • Better person-job and person-team fit, potentially reducing staff turnover

  • Save time and money in the recruitment process with early identification of the best candidates.

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The right steps for recruitment success – 1, 2, 3

While social media and professional networking sites have made it easier to identify and attract candidates, one thing that hasn’t changed is the difficulty of evaluating  candidates for the characteristics that determine job success.

Of the various recruitment techniques available to employers, there are three steps that should be part of every hiring exercise. Those steps are:

Interviewing, Psychometric Testing and Reference Checking.

While there are other steps (or techniques) that can be used, the combination of these three steps – in the order shown, provides the most efficient and effective means of candidate evaluation.

“The benefits of psychometric testing”

Psychometric testing is seen by an ever increasing number of employers as being particularly valuable. The reasons are simple. Modern psychometric tests such as StaffMatcher® are inexpensive, require no specialist knowledge to apply or interpret, and yet the benefits are substantial.

In many cases, psychometric testing has provided the all-important confidence to hire. In other instances, it has saved organisations from potentially disastrous and costly hiring mistakes.

There are two further reasons why applying a psychometric test is an essential step for employers.

The first has to do with interviewing skill and what outcome you can expect from relying solely on an interview to make your hiring decision. If you are using an unstructured or informal interview style, then you’re unlikely to be measuring your candidates on an equal basis and this is a recipe for failure.

Moreover, even experienced recruiters are unable to uncover everything that needs be uncovered about a candidate solely from an interview.

This is because measuring a candidate against the 26 workplace attribute that determine on-the-job success, would require an interview of around two (2) hours duration. Obviously that’s not practical for either the candidate or the employer.

Conversely, a validated psychometric test such as StaffMatcher®, can measure your candidate against all 26 workplace attributes, in around 30 minutes.

So the first point is clear. Psychometric testing is a superior technique for candidate evaluation compared to interviewing alone.

The second reason psychometric testing is so important is that it provides a means of comparing all your candidates equally, against known benchmarks.

Put the two together – measures all candidates equally, and uncovers essential information not available through interviewing.

Of course, interviewing is still important. By interviewing your candidate first, the findings of your StaffMatcher® report can be used to confirm (or challenge) your interview findings. This adds a strong measure of science to your candidate assessment.

The final (and equally important benefit) is that StaffMatcher® provides a separate reference check for each tested candidate. This document includes customised questions so you know exactly what to ask each referee.

StaffMatcher® therefore delivers two out of the three essential recruitment steps.

Psychometric testing is a low-cost, quick and essential ‘must have’ for every hiring exercise.